45 King's All 45s Set at Mobile Mondays

They don't call him the 45 King for nothing. Read below what Young Guru said on his Instagram about watching the above set.

As someone who loves @mobilemondays and have had the honor of playing there along people I consider to be some of the best in this 45 game I've had the same request since I first started going. When is 45 King going to do a set? Well thanks to @djkingshameek my wish came true last night. To say that this was epic would be an understatment. I went back to my kid days when I got to the jam early just to get my spot right next to the DJ so I could study all night. This is the first time I had my phone on record for a straight hour!!!! My arm got so tired but I couldn't stop because I know I was recording history. (@operatoremz don't worry I'm not posting this to you tube I'll let you live for when you put out the DVD!!! Hahaha). 45 King is hard to describe. He is so technically perfect!! His back to backs are so smooth that it makes you just want to go home and practice!! On top of this perfect set he brings Chill Rob G & Lakim Shabazz!!! They both destroyed that microphone!!! But when 45 King got to this point of the night, the 900 Number just put me on a whole other high!!! @djkingshameek & @djspinna expressions speaks for everybody that was lucky enough to be there!!! This was one for the books!!! #akasha #nadabrahma #iprolens #eraoftheengineer

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