101 Apparel presents Kon & Amir "Music Is The Message"

Previously only available with the purchase of a 101 Apparel t-shirt, now all you cheapies can listen and download the mix t-shirt free.
We here at 101 Apparel have been following Kon and Amir’s record collecting skills since the legendary “On Track” mix cd’s that set a new bar in the crate digging community for what a mix cd could be. Now, 101 Apparel is honored to present “Music is the Message; a design collaboration inspired by the music and djing prowess of Kon and Amir. Each tshirt will come with an exclusive mix cd by Kon and Amir filled with modern soul, disco and other dance goodies .

Like legendary treasure-hunters, Kon and Amir have spent the past twenty-five years excavating record bins finding gems to pierce ears with. Long forgotten musicians are now getting their proper dues and appreciative audiences are being turned on to some amazing music. They have managed to salvage some of the greatest music you've never heard. Audiences who are tired of being force fed sub par music will thank them for providing an alternative.

Fans and music industry peers alike admire Kon and Amir not only for their vast collection of music but also for their party rockin' abilites. Their mastery as DJ's has earned them celebrity status across Eursope. During these tours, it's not uncommon for locals to bring their rare and treasured records to show to give to Kon and Amir as a "thank you" for bringing some of the best music they've ever heard to their attention. Other locals in the European crate diggin' scene often take Kon and Amir to some of the best record shops in their areas. To their peers, famous or unknown, Kon and Amir are looked up to as A List DJ's who keep parties poppin’ with everything from classics that people know and to joints from their special collection that people are happy to be introduced to.

Since first putting it down together in 1997, the duo has released a total of ten albums; six On Track installments to critical acclaim, The Cleaning, another album entitled The Kings of Diggin’, a collaboration with DJ Muro from Japan and most recently two installments of the Off Track series for the BBE with another three to come. Now, it’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and whet your appetite with the exclusive mix cd courtesy of Kon & Amir, Wax Poetics and 101 Apparel.

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pipomixes said...

this is banging end to end but at around 17:35 those 3 tracks was
like icing on the cake for me simply for the fact of the way it was
presented to my ears :)