36th Chamber - Mixed by DJ Omega:NYC

First off, this is not a Wu-Tang mix. A certain blogger you all may know recently turned 36 and his deejay friend crafted this superb mix to celebrate. The mix is entirely instrumental (current and older beats) seamlessly mixed together in a fashion eerily reminiscent of the above mentioned blogger. The mix has both a very "warm" (probably because it was recorded using all vinyl records) and random feel to it. Highly Recommended.


pipomixes said...

Happy Birthday PIPO! Thanks for all the great mixes, here's to 36 more deadly chambers!

pipomixes said...

This is a nice mix, as are many instrumental mixes from my perspective. However, the gold standard I always end up comparing these to is DJ Mek's 'moodswings' from around 2000. I'm assuming you've heard this, but if not it's worth your time. In my personal opinion head and shoulders above any others featuring well known beats