Thes One Discusses Sampling with Oliver Wang at USC

Here is a very informative discussion panel with Thes One (who apparently is an SC alum) and Oliver Wang talking about the history of sampling, production equipment, copyright law, the ethics of sampling, and other related topics. I think most of you will find quite a few provocative topics to keep your attention throughout. Two topics of note that I particularly found of interest.

1. Thes One's perspective on how crate diggers such as himself (who were not apart of the early 90s NYC scene) were/are viewed by the classic producers from that era (Pete Rock, Primo, DITC, Beatminerz, etc).

2. Thes One's honesty about the ethics of sampling. "It's wrong, but so is spraying graffiti on the side of a building. That's hip hop. I know it's wrong, but it's what I do. I don't know how to play the piano."

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