Soundwaves Radio (1/3/15) - Ras G, The Gaff, Sweeney Kovar, and Houseshoes

Three excellent sets to digest. Ras G gives you exactly what you'd come to expect from him. The Gaff's set is absolutely stellar, while few ears are better than Houseshoes.

Kicked off the new year with a jam packed episode featuring some ill vinyl selections by Sweeney Kovar, a live SP404 set from Ras G, a funky 3am set from The Gaff, and a nice closing set from Houseshoes.

Catch up with Ras G:

Catch up with The Gaff:

Catch up with Sweeney Kovar:

Catch up with Houseshoes:

Sweeney Kovar Vinyl Selector Set - (00:00 - 31:35)
*Tracklist Coming Soon*

Ras G Live Set - (31:55 - 58:28)
Good Luck!

The Gaff Live Set - (65:40 - 90:56)
*Tracklist Coming Soon*

Houseshoes - (97:14 - Close)
*Tracklist Coming Soon*

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