Dilla PSA

I'm on record as saying that the Dilla fandom of the last 9 years is a very positive thing on the whole (though annoying at times).  I say that because I don't want to come off as a Dilla elitist who implies you're one big poser if you haven't been down since 95 (or 94, 93...).  With that said, do yourself a favor and listen to SV's Fan-Tas-Tic Vol.1(free of charge of you have Amazon Prime).  In fact, listen to it several times over and over again.  The album (more so a demo from what I understand) is so raw, yet very refined (especially considering it was originally designed as a demo) at the same time.  It's an incomplete work of art all the while not needing a thing to make it complete.  Some of you may know the album well. Some of you may have heard it years ago and simply filed it away.  Perhaps a few of you (though you'll likely never admit it) have never given the album a good listen because it didn't become widely available until long after Volume 2 had taken the underground world by storm.  Whoever you are, listen to the album from beginning to end and enjoy.

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