Marsellus Wallace RENDEZVOUS DJ Set (13 February 2015)

I'm not sure if all the songs on this mix are properly classified as "psychedelic," but this mix has a very psychedelic vibe to it.
RENDEZVOUS! is very proud to present another exclusive all library & soundtrack DJ set by esteemed record collector Marsellus Wallace! Here we have a one hour and fifteen minute long mix of mind-blowing sonic gems. As with his last visit (also on a Friday the 13th...coincidence?), Mr. Wallace's crate was LOADED with grails galore! Press play and have a listen for yourself...and please bear in mind, these are ALL original issue pressings, NOT reissues or compilations. This set was recorded LIVE onto tape at the Hyperion Tavern in Los Angeles on 13 February 2015. Enjoy!

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