Boogie & The Barber (Stretch & Bobbito) Hot 97 Show (2/11/96)

At this point my friends, nostalgia might be all we got.

Based on the success of their "Stretch & Bobbito" show on 89.9 WKCR, Hot 97 offered them a weekly slot in early '96. Naming the show "Boogie & The Barber", the first episode aired on February 11, 1996 and featured guest Lord Finesse (101:53). When you heard Capone's voice running down the boroughs at the start of the show you knew it was time to press record. The show was on Sunday's from 12am-2am then later changed to 11pm-1am and ran until the duo parted ways in December 1998. At that point Stretch stayed on Hot 97 and renamed it "The XL Show" and Bobbito and Stretch started alternating Thursdays on the KCR show with Bob renaming his night "The CM FAMALAM Radio Program". Now 20 years later the two are set to re-release some of their classic shows on cassette through Fat Beats along with a feature film documentary entitled "Stretch & Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives" which will be screened in NYC on August 16, 2015 at Central Park. for more info.

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