Soundcloud vs. The Competition

An ongoing point of conversation throughout the deejay world (and this blog) is Soundcloud's jumping of the shark.  I stumbled onto this article over at DJ Worx comparing Soundcloud to alternative cloud/streaming platforms.  You can read the article HERE.  As mentioned in the article and on this blog, Soundcloud continues to be where the action is.  My personal opinion is that Soundcloud continues to be the best of a bunch of (bad) limited options because that's where most of the audience still is.  Assuming you want your mixes to actually be heard, Soundcloud continues to be the gold standard.  Sure, there are various alternatives.  However, all the alternatives have shortcomings as well (as the article does a good job of  pointing out).  The reality is that short of big record labels changing their position on this issue, this will likely continue to be an eternal cat and mouse game.  Some other platform will likely emerge and become the new gold standard; deejays/producers will flock to the new platform; the record companies will then put the pinch on the new platform; take-downs will then ensue; deejays will then bitch and moan; another platform will then emerge; deejays will then flock to the new platform and the cycle will continue.

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