Reading Material Friday: Dilla's F*ck the Police, It Takes a Nation, Portishead's 'Dummy' at 20, Can Ox, and more... (now defunct) founder, DJ Pizzo has taken his writing talents to and has published some articles I think you all will enjoy.  Save them for your Sunday morning coffee or read them to help you get to the weekend.  Either way, a little reading never hurt the hip hopper's soul.

It Took a Nation: The Greatest Rap Album Gets Its Due - Chuck D discusses Public Enemy's masterpiece.

The Music of Pulp Fiction: How Tarantino's Curated Classic Changed the Way We Listen to Movies

Portishead's "Dummy" at 20

Hoping For A Better Tomorrow: How Wu-Tang Got It Wrong and Ghost Got It Right

How El-P and Cannibal Ox Crafted a Cult Classic

When J Dilla Said, "Fuck the Police"

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