Pullin from the Stacks - Episode 25 (Digging in Havana) - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

As U.S.-Cuban relations ease and travel restrictions are inevitably lifted, I foresee a mass exodus of American deejays raiding Cuban record stores and thrift-shops.  Hopefully, Ian Head left some records for the rest of us.
Took a trip to Havana, and made some time for a couple digging excursions. Here's a selection of some of the things I found.
Grupo Irakere - "Chequere-Son"
Orquestra Riverside - "Haz Lo Que Tu Quieras"
Grupo Monumental - "Limitacion"
Los Reyes 73 - "Necesito De Alguien Como Tu"
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora / ICAIC - "Sondeando"
Emiliano Salvador - "Angelica"
Los Reyes 73 - "Tema Para Una Dama"
Juan Pablo Torres - "Extracto De Son"
Grupo Moncada - "Marimbulas"
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora / ICAIC - "Cuba Va!"

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