Article: DJing is Dead and Vinyl is What Killed It

This article is very transparently written to provoke a reaction for reaction's sake.  You all can go ahead and read the article HERE and let your blood boil (at least, for most of you).  Personally, I think this whole debate is nonsense.  This is just another case of the new kid on the block wanting to be accepted by the established crew, instead of creating his own crew.  Rock'n'roll didn't pretend to be jazz, and rap didn't pretend to be rock'n'roll.  I've got no issue with someone using a controller, computer, drum machine, etc... to rock a party; just don't go calling it djing.  If you're going call it djing, then a new name needs to be used to describe what the Beat Junkies, X-Men, Skratch Piklz, etc... do.  Saying vinyl killed djing is like saying the guitar string killed the guitar; just stupid.

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