Run-BST Megamix - Mixed by DJ Bacon

This mix has certainly made its rounds in the last week, but is certainly worth a post in case any of you missed it.

Currently recieving support and amazing reviews from The World Famous Beat Junkies, Ego Trip, OkayPlayer and too many more to mention!

Dj Bacon releases his first solo recording project since his 2008 vinyl release. His new release “RUN–BST Megamix” is a shout out to hip hop pioneers and Bacons heroes Run DMC & the Beastie Boys. The 8 minute track features over 150 samples, loops, breaks and scratches stitched together in a way only an old school DJ could, using samples from only Run Dmc and Beastie Boys releases.

Over the last 6 months DJ Bacon has lived in his studio spending his spare time manipulating hundreds of vinyl samples just for this mix . Speaking with his hands – he has made rhymes come together from different records and kept the melodies in key and on beat throughout the journey.

The epic 8 minute Megamix is dedicated to passed RUN DMC and Beastie Boys members Jam Master Jay, Adam Yauch and original RUN DMC producer Larry Smith.

Released on the anniversary of Jam Master Jays passing, all profits from the release will be donated back to the Jam Master Jay and Adam Yauch foundations to further the legacy they created and invest in future music and community projects the foundations are supporting. Particularly music projects for youth.
Rest in peace Jam Master Jay, MCA & Larry Smith.
released October 30, 2015
Executed entirely by DJ Bacon aka the Notorious P.I.G

Cover Pic by DJ Bacon, Design by Discourse

Mastered by Cris Stevens @ Federal Audio

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