Article: Why You Should Definitely Buy Your Music on Wax, Why Reunions Are Important, and Why Making Fun of Urban Outfitters' Vinyl Selection Makes You Sound Like an Asshole

A good read by what seems to be a relatively young (I'm guessing late 20s) record store owner.  I agree with just about everything said in this article.  Basically, it's a much broader argument in favor of the point of view that I've expressed several times on this blog in regards to the Dilla phenomenon (though annoying at times, just think about all the great music younger folk will be introduced to through Dilla fandom).  Bottom line: Never stop learning.  There's a lot of older music that we all missed that needs to be discovered and enjoyed, as well as quality new music that should be appreciated.  Those who say there's no new quality music are simply not looking.  You can read the article HERE.

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