Donuts Dissected: 10 Years On

Learned a thing or two about the Donuts while listening.
Today marks ten years since James Yancey, better known as J Dilla, passed away. Regularly considered as one of the greatest producers and musicians to ever grace hip-hop, his innovative techniques, meticulous accuracy and outright groove have been mimicked and revered since he passed in February 2006. His magnum opus, Donuts, was released just three days before his death; much of it produced from his hospital bed using just an MPC, sampler and portable turntable — a remarkable feat under any circumstance.
Raj Chaudhuri (aka Raji Rags) — head of music at Boiler Room and Livin' Proof co-founder — has been an avid Dilla disciple for a long time. Classic Album Sundays recently invited him to chair a talk on Dilla's finest work on the anniversary of its release date. What ensues is not only a highly informative and emotional examination of the 31-track project, but a cross-check of all the relevant events that lead up to its making.
Recorded live at Classic Album Sundays in London.

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