10 Years After - Mixed by Act Like You Know

This mix was on loop all weekend long and helped soften the blow of my now, completely worthless NCAA bracket.
It's been 10 years since James Yancey passed. When I initially started compiling this mix, it only consisted of tracks from Flying Lotus's "Brainfeeder" label. But I then began to think that all of those artists were heavily influenced by Jay Dee's style. So, long story short, what you have within these 50 minutes are some Dilla tracks, and mostly tracks from artists from the Brainfeeder label and from those who are affiliated with it and without a doubt have been influenced by Dilla's style in the past 10 years. Joints featuring and beats produced by Knxwledge, Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Shafiq Husayn, TUAMIE, Ras G, and more. Turn it up.....
1. The Introduction
2. Give 'Em What They Want (Instrumental)
3. Light My Fire
4. Eve
5. Track 32
6. Getting There (Feat. Niki Randa)
7. Smoof
8. TakeItBackMedli
9. Me
10. Crushin (Original Wajeed Instrumental)
11. Link Up
12. Oxtopus
13. Track 05
14. Natural Cut Fries (Remix)
15. Stay Strapped (Electric Piano Solo Sample Flip)
16. Bells
17. Them Changes
18. Alternate Intro
19. Untitled 05 (09.21.14)
20. mydesire[fortwin][vanuys]
21. Beanie Knxwledge
22. Between Villains
23. Where Am I
24. G Spot Connection
25. For 4ever
26. Rude
27. Track 35
28. Fall In Love (Flying Lotus Remix)
29. Dream To Me

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