Prince & Friends - Mixed by DJ Jedi

This is an extended snippet from a super limited edition 2 cd mix I put together circa 2010, consisting of songs from "The Artist", friends, and colleagues he worked with over the years. Physical copies of the full mix were briefly made available exclusively at Turntable Lab LA, Street Sounds (both in Los Angeles), Amoeba Music, and shows I was performing at, while supplies lasted. As expected, they were scooped up pretty much instantly, and for obvious reasons will never see print again. The cover photo was provided by Troy Gua, of "Le Petit You-Know-Who" fame. The fine folks at URB MAGAZINE gave the mix a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent...
In honor of The Artist's 57th rotation around the sun (6.7.2015), I'm making the second disc of my mix available for download for the first time ever, in its entirety, FOR 57 HOURS ONLY.
UPDATE: Congrats to those of you that were lucky enough to catch the DL while it was up. Thanks for the love and support! The DL link is now deactivated, but I'm keeping the mix available to stream for the time being.


Listen HERE.

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