Lunch Breaks - Mixed by DJ Yoda

This mix is highly recommended and way too good not to post even though Yoda disabled the embedded function on Soundcloud (an oversight, I'm sure).  Enjoy.

Listen HERE.
Here's my brand new 1h mix!
This is a return to my How To Cut & Paste style - there's a heavy emphasis on funk, jazz, soul, reggae, latin and hip-hop, plus a shitload of samples from my favourite movies and songs all relating to LUNCH (this is my first full project since BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS).
I included exclusives of remixes I've done recently for The Charlatans and DJ Mighty Mi w/ Grand Puba.
And there's some rare 90s rap freestyles, including one by RZA that I feel pretty certain doesn't exist anywhere on the internet!
Also, it's no coincidence that this mix is the length of your lunch break.

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