Dope Folks Records: Underground Rap Record Labels: 350 Press or Less Mix

I was just listening to our newest releases (The Nonce & Mykill Miers) and decided to listen to some recent trades and other like minded record label's 12"s, and record it!! Some are old, some are brand new. It's a mix of record labels that, like Dope Folks Records, put out limited edition vinyl releases. Shout out to all these Folks. (The labels are listed in the tracklist) You can buy the Dope Folks Records releases featured on the mix at
***If any of these labels want me to take down the download option, let me know. Peace to all of these labels, and to all the other labels out there doing what we are doing. -Chris

The Nonce: Turnin It Out - Nomoney's 2312 Sunday Morning Remix)
Alps Cru: Blood work
MC Blabber: Highly Intellectual
Madman Shawn: Walk Thru Hell
$amhill: Poetic Justice
Oxygen ft. Dr. Becket & Emskee: Guillotine 16's
Deep In Da Circle: So? (Where I Live At)
Terror Green: 45 Stitchez
Nas, Jae Supreme: Villian
Lord Finesse & Percee P: Kicking Flavor with My Man (Remix)
Mykill Miers: The Illest Remix
Sleestackz: X Filez
East of The Rock: Mr. Producer
The Magnificent Shakeem: You Better Be Treacherous (Freestyle Records)
Lone Catalysts: Revolving
Hez: The Zip
Frankenstein: Strangers to The Eye
Killa Kidz: 96 Phenomenon
Def Dee ft. Count Bass D & Black Spade: Move Blocks (Dee Remix)

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