Thank You Mix Series (Record Surplus) - Mixed by Omega:NYC

Harlem born and raised, L.A. based Omega:NYC dedicates his latest mix to records bought at his favorite local spot, Record Surplus.  One of the better mixes I've heard of late, and a strong contender for Mix of the Year.  Highly Recommended.
This mix goes out to Record Surplus. RS has been my go to store on the Westside of Los Angeles for more than 10 years. Be it hip-hop, r & b, soul, jazz or rock - Surplus has it all and then some. This is not a best of mix but more of a reflection of how RS has been a part of my record buying experience as an adult. My taste in music has grown and been expanded by hours of digging' in the crates at RS. Peace everyone at RS that has put me up on new and old vinyl. My gratitude is sincere and I know that community is real because RS has shown me love for 10 years plus. Thank you Chris, Nobu, Shoes, Louis, Mel, Dom and especially Neil!

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