Rewind with Ray West (Interview)

I think all of you will enjoy this interview that can be read HERE. Excerpt below.

I have always worked. It's always my advice to younger folks. Some may disagree but for me the fact that I have always worked and have a career outside of the music biz has made me have the ability to do things on my own terms. The down side to that is early mornings and late nights . At times it's been hard but nothing that matters is easy. I have always worked hard at my careers. In the music biz and out. Some other success stories like Quest Love, MC Serch to Kayne and many others may have different stories. They risked it all and went all in and it worked on a higher level. Sometimes I think if I had done that perhaps it would have been a different outcome but I'm truly blessed and satisfied with where I am at & the path i am on.


cammack979 said...

Thanks for posting my interview with Ray. Salute.

buttonpusha said...

Very dope! Salute Ray West and AG!