Boiler Room: Welcome 2 Detroit Dissected

According to legend; a blogger you might know once tossed his copy of Welcome 2 Detroit in a friend's car saying; "I'm not feeling it.  You can have it."
Following on from the hugely successful discovery of a never-before-heard J Dilla mixtape, Boiler Room continue their coverage of hip hop's finest technician with their second Yancey-dedicated podcast in partnership with Classic Album Sundays.
Where Episode 1 saw Boiler Room Head of Music and Dillaphile, @RajiRags, break down his magnum opus Donuts, this sequel digs into the anatomy of his 2001 debut LP Welcome 2 Detroit (BBE Records) alongside Dilla's mentor, @AmpFiddler.
Containing rare tape demos from a 17-year-old Jay Dee, classic J Dilla productions and unheard beats broken down to their kick and snare bare bones (via Dilla's own MPC files) and plenty of other musical nuggets, it's a must listen for anyone vaguely interested in the genius' work.
Recorded live at Classic Album Sundays in London.
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