Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (Montreal 2016): Ka

If you're a regular on this blog and you're not up on Ka, then you need to start listening to his albums (all of which are impeccable IMO) IMMEDIATELY.  Simply put, Ka's music; lyrical content, stripped down production; and DYI style of distribution and marketing are absolutely inspiring.

Ka witnessed the genesis of hip-hop growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He learned how to become a rapper first with Natural Elements and later as half of Nightbreed. But it wasn't until his first album, Iron Works, made its way to GZA that things began to change after the Wu-Tang MC had him guest on his 2008 track “Firehouse.” By the time Ka’s next LP, Grief Pedigree, dropped in 2012, he’d honed his stark, minimal style to perfection and has been acclaimed for it since. In control of everything – rhymes, beats, videos, distribution – Ka is a single-minded force in rap. Sitting with Jeff Mao at the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy, Ka talks about growing up in Brownsville, the escapism of art, the reality of life as a man, and the patience needed to find and accept your own voice.

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