2016: In Memoriam - Mixed by DJ Wonway

You simply wont find a better mix memorializing the fallen from 2016.  Highly Recommended.
2016 was a year to be remembered..
Our hearts and souls were constantly being tested by the world. Hate and mistreatment of others wasn’t just part of our everyday conscious but normalized, propped up, and in the case of this country given office.
For many (myself included), music is our release, escape, and medicine. We look to artists and musicians for solace in these difficult times, yet somehow 2016 wouldn’t even allow for that. Maybe it’s just the internet and the access to information we have now but I can’t remember another year in my life where so so many of our artistic and musical vanguard left us. From lesser known session players to the all mighty superstars, the world felt a little more lonely.
I decided to create this mixtape to commemorate and celebrate this long list of artists. Though I did extensive research and attempted to be as thorough as possible there was no way I could respectfully pay tribute to all and make this an enjoyable mixtape that wouldn’t be 5 hours long. My apologies in advance to Sir George Martin, Juan Gabriel, Leonard Cohen and many others (I still don’t understand how there’s only one EW&F song on here). In their place I included a few of the lesser known but still impactful losses such as Big Kap, DTTX, and Mic Gillette. Most of these songs have close personal connection to me whether as a song I learned about on my journey as a DJ, a song I’d jam to with my Mom or Aunt, a sample I rapped on, music I cruised and/or smoked to, or a late night dedication to a young crush.
As we finish our first month of 2017 with no signs of respite in sight I’ve thought a lot about spirit. The spirit of the people and the spirit of these beautiful artists. Though they have left the physical plain their spirit and soul is still very much here living on in their music and living through us. Creating this mix reminded me of that and I’m extremely grateful for it. May it serve as an example of hope and love as we continue on and la lucha sigue.
We’re here and we’re not going anywhere…
Wonway Posibul
Latin Soul Brothers
recorded at Beautiful Bels Studio, Oakland, CA
engineered by: @diondecibels
*tracklisting in comments*

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