Stoney Elam - Mixed by Pipomixes

I released Soliloquy of Gang Starr just before Guru died. Soliloquy of Gang Starr is a mix that focused on Premo's production far more so than Guru's lyrics. Gang Starr is my favorite all-time group and Guru is an MC who's lyrics have personally impacted me the most. For those reasons, I always wanted to do a Guru tribute. However, I couldn't figure out a way to do it without it sounding too similar to the Soliloquy of Gang Starr mix I already released.

Well... Listening to a lot of Delroy Edwards got me to revisit my Screwtape collection. That got me here. This is the kind of mix you make when you listen to a lot of Delroy Edwards, DJ Screw, Quasimoto, Gang Starr, and other stoney compositions; accompanied by many blunts.

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unsn88 said...

Great concept, enjoyed this one a lot!
Keep keep it on