Tea & Converse: Mach Hommy

No longer with Griselda Records, but still one of the best revelations in Rap in many, many years.  H.B.O., TGIFDollar Menu 1&2, and Spook are all impeccable albums.  Here's a very rare interview of the relatively elusive MC.
Mach-Hommy was a man of few words the first two times I encountered him. But what I've learned since those early encounters is that he just doesn't like to waste words; he's not big on small talk.
He'd also like the art and the music to speak for itself. As a result, he doesn't make many appearances, do many interviews or have a constant social media presence, so when I submitted my request for a sit down, I wasn't sure he would agree to it.
But then he did. He let me know that he was going to be in town supporting the folks at KRAVAT for their product launch but we could talk afterwards.
And we did. Less about music, mostly about Haiti and being Haitian, his grandfather and how that all shaped who he is today and what he's working toward. Through that came insight about the artist that he is and why HBO was rolled out and distributed the way that it was among other things. Ladies and gentlemen . . . Mach-Hommy.
casadelowrey.com presents Tea & Converse
Hosted by @tyrondeharlemFeaturing @haitianbodyodorRecorded at Gansevoort Park Avenue, New York, NYMixed by Paul Murray at 1st Floor Studios, New York, NY

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