Help is On the Way (Discogs Mix 062) - Mixed By DJ Platurn

DJ Platurn - Help Is On The Way: A Native Tongues Inspired Disco Mix

Tracklist available here:

A 23 year veteran of the music industry, DJ Platurn has traveled the world many times over bringing phenomenal music to multiple corners of the globe. Through his travels, he’s built a reputation as a tastemaker with vision and a sense of community and in turn preserving crucial aspects of DJ and music culture. Founder of the Oakland Faders and The 45 Sessions, the man is just getting started. With a few very popular A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul tribute mixes under his belt, we were excited when he proposed the theme for his exclusive contribution to the Discogs mix series: A Native Tongues Inspired Disco Mix.

Platurn had the following to say about his mix:

Two Tribe and two De La mixes deep, I wanted to try my hand at all the uptempo disco type joints the Natives have sampled over the years. Primarily all 12″ versions, edited and with some at-liberty sprinkles on top, I let the grooves breathe and stepped back on the heavy tech. Nothing crazy rare going on here, just good music with the classic dance floor vibe in mind. After all these years, the NT catalog of breaks never ceases to amaze, and the roller skate OGs stand alone tough as anything out. Slap it on whenever and wherever — it’s sure to make you get up and dance.

So, whether you are a Native Tongues fan (ATCQ, De La, Jungle Brothers, Black Sheep, et. al.), a breaks/samples head, or a disco fan (why not all three?), DJ Platurn’s “Help Is On The Way” is guaranteed to brighten your day!


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