Discogs Mix 063 - Mixed by Count Bass D

The rapper with the most chords — Dwight Conroy Farrell is internationally known as rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Count Bass D. He has worked with Snoop Dogg, MF DOOM, STS9, Kool Keith, Victor Wooten, Prince Paul, and more. His extensive solo discography spans two decades and includes his breakthrough classic Dwight Spitz. He continues to gain much notoriety to this day for his vocal and production work on MF DOOM’s 2004 track, Potholderz. Many have heard Dwight’s moniker and work over the past two decades, but still don’t know exactly how to confine him to a particular musical category. The self-described “Fender Rhodes Scholar” has augmented his skills as a multi-instrumentalist by truly mastering the art of sampling as well as the art of intellect. He’s proven his ability to push the envelope both sonically and lyrically. His body of work arguably displays the widest range of any rapper to date.
What the Count drop into his exclusive Discogs mix? In the tradition of his Some Music mix series:
"Songs I love, mixed live; mistakes and all." -- Count Bass D

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