Marc Mac presents Visioneers - Dirty Old Mixtape

A special mix-tape edition of the album 'Marc Mac Presents Visioneers - Dirty Old Hip Hop'. This originated from a mix Marc created for his show on Nuwave Radio back in 2006.
The ten year anniversary repress of 'Dirty Old Hip Hop' is now available on heavywight orange vinyl:
Originally released in March 2006 and virtually impossible to procure on vinyl ever since, BBE are excited to announce a special ten year anniversary edition of the classic Visioneers album Dirty Old Hip Hop. Brainchild of 4hero and Reinforced Records founder Marc Mac, the Visioneers project first appeared on a series of limited edition 7” vinyl releases. Marc began re-imagining his favourite hip hop beats from the golden era, retaining the feel of those extended, looping grooves whilst also re-introducing the excitement and musicianship of the records from which they were sampled: ‘Dirty Old Hip Hop’ was born. Drawing on the musical talents of Somatik and drummer Luke Parkhouse, both regulars on the 4hero sessions, this largely instrumental album also featured stunning performances from rappers Capitol A and Voice. An artist who was introduced to jazz music by his favourite hip hop beat-makers, ‘Dirty Old Hip Hop’ serves as a loving tribute to both art-forms, weaving the two together until even the most ardent purist will find it hard to define any space between. Dirty Old Hip Hop was shortlisted for Gilles Peterson‘s coveted Worldwide album of the Year award in 2006.

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