Jazz Digga: Volume 1 - Mixed by Yoshidog

Funky jazz in the morning never hurt anyone.
Bulletproof Crates Recordings Present:
Yoshidog - Jazz Digga: Volume 1
I met Yoshidog about a year ago at which time I noticed he was one of Brisbane's nicest on the wheels of steel. During the time we've been mates he's developed a strong interest in learning more about music, diggin' and in particular jazz stylings of the 70's.
As a frequent visitor to the Bulletproof Crates, I noticed something different about Yoshidog, he freakishly reminded me of how my respected peers and I approached diggin' back in the day — hunting down "used" samples from hip-hop's past — learning about artists in a sequential order of what records came his way, all the while ignoring trends and influence in 2018's world of vinyls and reissues, where genres and hashtags influence the status quo and sheep (no pun intended). Using his own ears and partaking in a dedicated study and hunt for his wants list was his modus operandi, and an individually over his peers who seemingly spend more time on discogs and instagram for "leads" over listening and learning alone with their own two (ears, not balls).
In December of 2017, Yoshidog and I headed out to Japan on a mission to dig in the crates with his hand written wants list and a small stack of yen. This here is his result of that trip and all the time and work in the crates he's put in thus far. 100% hard hittin' steamy funky soulful jazz burners live and direct on 2 decks and a mixer, recorded somewhere on the Southside of Brisbane, Australia on a Saturday Afternoon.
I'm proud to cosign this first volume of "Jazz Digga" - It's a 66 minute pill of chill with a steady dose of funk and soul. Hit play and enjoy the journey!
peace. DJ Sheep

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