Narcos, Gods, & Fly Gods (Mixed by Pipomixes) Limited Edition Cassette Tape

All of my mixes are a labor of love. A lot of time, thought, effort, and money goes into the making of each mix. I am no longer interested in the quantity of listens/downloads with each mix. Instead, I'm interested in the quality of such listens. That is why I am now selling my mixes. I am selling my mixes to ensure whoever listens to them takes the time to give the mix a careful listen. Music is art and should not be treated as disposable.

Respect to SCM, GxFR, Dump Gawds, KTO, and all the rest who have spearheaded this movement. If you value what I do, you know what to do. If you value what I do, and genuinely can't afford to cop the tape; email me ( and we can work something out.

- Pipomixes

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