Back in Hell Megamix - Mixed by DJ Bacon

If you appreciate and enjoy intricately crafted megamixes, this mix is for you.  Highly Recommended.
The year is 2030 ... New York rap heroes and global superstars RUN-DMC are stuck back in hell more than 40 years after raising it - Locked In a rock / rap battle with Aussie rock gods AC/DC. The bands battle lyrics and raps over heavy guitar riffs and big 808 beats as DJ Bacon cuts on his trusty Technics 1200's..... Its Hells Bells vs Raising Hell... Back in Black Vs Proud to be Black.

Australian DJ / producer and megamix veteran DJ Bacon goes on another epic mission mashing up two of his favourite albums into one 7 minute hell beast. Using ONLY samples from 2 albums - AC / DC "Back in Black" and RUN DMC "Raising Hell" he manipulates over 100 guitar riffs, loops, scratches, kicks, snares and samples to serve up the dopest thing you've heard this year.

This is the third in a series of DJ Bacon megamixes... the previous two have gained international recognition and love from the likes of ICE-T, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Beat Junkies, Q-Bert and many more. Check 'RUN-BST" & "Fear Of An O.G" here on bandcamp.

"Back in Hell" goes one step further than the previous 2 megamixes with just 2 albums used - not the artists whole catalogue. Amazingly - a sample from every track on each of the 2 albums appears in the mix.
This is a strictly not for profit... more
releases March 1, 2018
Executed entirely by DJ Bacon using original vinyl sources.
Artwork and concept by DJ Bacon.
Mastered by Cris Stevens @ Federal Audio.

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