Discogs Mix 069 - Mixed by Styles in Black

Tracklist here: blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-6…styles-in-black/
Based in America’s Pacific Northwest, producer Styles in Black combines the warm nostalgia of lo-fi Hip Hop with bass-heavy, tribal-influenced rhythms. With a wide range of musical styles and collaborations with artists around the globe, his productions range from Chillhop to Trap, Reggae, R&B, and Funk. With two albums on Philos Records and features on outlets such as Chill-Masters, Indie Shuffle, and Stereofox, Styles in Black has steadily crafted a signature sound that is tropical, nostalgic, and exotic. This Styles in Black mix is exclusive to Discogs and takes listeners on a journey across a diverse set of regional sounds.
"For this mix, I chose songs that give me the chills. The word for this phenomenon is “frisson.” In the context of music, frisson is best defined as “a sudden, passing sensation of excitement, a shudder of emotion from an epic moment of a song.”

 Enjoy this mix that spans across countries, eras, and genres. I included tunes from America, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Jamaica, and more – so there’s a little something for everyone. All of these songs have brought me happiness and comfort through the years, and I hope the same for you."
— Styles In Black

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