Inspiration - Mixed by Tommy Gunn (Beat Junkies)

Highly Recommended.
If you know the history of The Beat Junkies, you would know that the crew is orginally 13 deep! Some of the members are a little bit well known than others, but everyone in the crew is NICE on the decks! Tommy Gunn is an OG Beat Junkie & was managing the crew in the early years while he was working for Loud & Rawkus Records during the 90's. Tommy was pretty nice on the mix but he was so lowkey & preferred to be in the background. He made this particular mix in 2004 but he never released it officially. I always thought this mix was so dope & always bugged him over the years to just drop it! After 14 years, he finally decides to release it. This mix is definitely an "inspiration" & I hope you will enjoy the vibes & soul that he put into it. Tommy's a humble brother & I hope he gets his props for this mix. Enjoy! - Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies)
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