J.PERIOD Presents... #WakandaForeverEver [Stream Edition]

I wouldn't describe this as an actual mix.  Instead, I'd describe it as a musical composition, and should be listened to as such.  If heard in that manner, I'm confident you'll conclude that the 45 plus-minutes of music is insanely creative, and perfectly executed.  Highly Recommended.

Award-winning DJ/Producer J.PERIOD (Billboard #1 album for The Hamilton Mixtape) takes listeners on an EPIC journey into the secret forests between Wakanda and Stankonia, sampling the Black Panther score and soundtrack to create exclusive new Outkast remixes that explore the roots of hip hop in the African drum, themes of empowerment and identity, and the musical intersections between the Afro-futuristic world of Black Panther and intergalactic funk of Outkast. Download available Friday 4/20 at JPERIOD.com. Cover art by Dan Lish.

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