The Illmatic Guru

Incredibly ill.  I doubt this mix was done with turntables, though I can't confirm it wasn't.  Even doper if it was.  Also, I'd like to give credit to the DJ responsible for this mix.  Do tell, if anybody knows.
This mix is dedicated to the date of 2 of the best MCs, #illmatic which dropped on 4/19 , and the transition of #keithelam aka #GuruOfGangstarr which happened on the same month and day. #realdjsmatter #bestoftheblends #mashups #blends #djlife #Nas @nas @djpremier #giftedunlimitedrhymesuniversal
1. Intro (Genesis)
2. So Wassup
3. Life's A Bitch
4. World Revolution
5. Halftime Appeal
6. Memories of the Streets
7. One Love 4 Skills
8. One Time Interlude
9. Rep
10. It Ain't Hard 2 Tell It's Incredible