Its Not the Size of Your Mix Its how You Use It " Mix Tape Vol 3 (Obscure Series) - Mixed by Prince Paul

THIS IS PART 3 of "Its not the size of your mix its how you use it" This is a collection of songs that I never get to hear outside of my iPod . I based this mix on songs I like to listen to , not artist or popularity . This will probably be the start of a few Mixes I will make this year .. Im not a mix tape making type of guy but this was pretty fun to make .I hope you enjoy and PLEASE SHARE ! for more info please follow me on Facebook ( Prince Paul DJ , Producer extraordinaire ) or Twitter or IG @djprincepaul .. Blessings and Support your local rapper …
Ps . Thank for all of the support on part 1 and 2 !! …remember Hip hop is still alive just as long as you look in the right places ;)

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