Video: DJ Melo-D in the Mix

$35 is pretty steep to see the extended videos of these mixes, but DAMN are these teases good!  More snippets after the jump.  Highly Recommended.

#flashbackfriday ⚡️ This is a mix I used to do on the radio back in the late 90s on 92.3 The Beat. Nowadays being a mixshow DJ on a major commercial radio station means you’re pretty much confined to the 30 or so songs in rotation πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ On the contrary, the mixshow era I come from supported a much wider range of musicality. Essentially as mixshow DJs, we actually had the freedom to program our own sets record for record, introduce x break new music to our audience as tastemakers, and use our skills to creatively finesse our DJ sets. Going thru my 45s today reminded me of this mix and how much fun x challenging it was to pull this off live on the Los Angeles airwaves. Shout out to @michellesfresh for always letting me be a DJ and THANK YOU to everyone that used to tune into Julio G & I at night, we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for all your support, appreciate u all to the fullest!πŸ™πŸΌ✊🏼 #45Friday #BeatJunkies #HipHop #Records #Vinyl @juliog1580 @diddy Records used πŸ‘‰πŸΌ “Right On For the Darkness” (Curtis Mayfield, 1973) / “Tell Me What You Want” (Mase feat Total, 1997) Fun fact: I used to “pancake” the records just like this on the air 🎧
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