Goodbye to Our Brotha from Anotha Planet

A true artist was lost yesterday. Not only is the sudden passing of Ras G a shock given his young age; but Ras' passing is difficult to process because he seemed like the type of man that would live forever (or at least, a very long time). I always saw Ras as the kind of artist that would transform into several different incarnations over the course of his life. More so than anyone else, I was really looking forward to seeing what Ras would become as an artist. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans for our cosmic Brotha from Anotha Planet. It's a real shame, too.  While Ras G was the very personification of this culture of ours, he seemed to transcend the culture.

Personally, Ras had a HUGE artistic influence on me.  I really feel that I've found my voice as an artist over the last few years.  The influence of Ras G's musical aesthetic is a big reason why.  I kid you not; I've literally checked my soundcloud analytics one time.  It so happened that the one time I checked, I noticed that Ras G had taken the time to listen to the first mix I made dedicated to his material. Unaware at the time of whether he liked the mix or not, I was honored just by knowing one of my artistic heroes had taken the time to listen to my work.  Of course, the biggest highlight for me was learning later that Ras had big upped another of my mixes and requested that I give the "pipomixed treatment" to more of his material.

It is likely that more will grow to appreciate Ras' music as a result of his passing. Of course, our tendency to only give people their flowers after they leave us is a little annoying.  However, I can think of far worse things than the world gaining a greater appreciation for the music of a true original. The music world lost a one of a kind marvel yesterday, and that certainly is a great loss. With that said; the friends and family of Gregory Shorter Jr. lost something far greater, and far more personal. I send my deepest condolences to those who lost a family member and friend on July 29, 2019.

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DJ Bozo said...

Long overdue comment.

L.A., and the world, lost a legend in Ras G. That's awesome that you were able to further your art as a result of his influence.

Just wanted to say that you actually put me on to Ras G when he made your best list from 2017.
So thanks!