Serato In the Mix: Yukibeb

Video is a great reminder that track selection and seamless blends is ultimately what makes a dope DJ, dope.  I'll take this "simple" set over an award winning DMC routine any day.

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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Indeed track selection and solid transitions are the bedrock of good deejay but II can't co-sign this mix. The track selection is kind of wack and mixing is very beginner.

On a side note and a little bit of a rant;

I never understand why deejays don't just use the fader and instead use volume control. And yes there are volume control sliders are not "channel faders". Faders fade in one source and fade out another while volume control only increases or decreases the volume of one source. The whole reason a fader was invented was to not use two volume sliders and just use one fader. If a deejay wants to not use a fader go old school and get a mixer with rotary knobs instead.

Why spend money on something with a major feature you would never use.