Pullin from the Stacks Ep. 126 - DJ Ian Head

My quarantine mornings start with me checking-in on the news.  After about 30 seconds of that, I'm damn near suicidal.  The rest of my quarantine days are spent with jazz in the background in attempt to calm things down a notch. The latest episode DJ Ian Head's Pullin' from the Stacks series certainly helped in that regard.

Apologies for the hiatus! Been a busy month. New dog, work trip to NYC, and now coronavirus! Lots been happening in the real world and it's slowed the podcast schedule a bit. But now that we're all stuck indoors ordering take-out and listening to Orange Man say stupid shit on TV, it's a good time to get back to the music and these records. Got some mellow but dope jazz selections on this episode to listen to while working or lounging. All recent purchases through the mail, fully sanitized for your ears. Enjoy!
Tracklist: The New York Saxophone Madness, Jazz Co/Op, Hideo Ichikawa, Surprise Chef, Takashi Mizuhashi and His Friends, McCoy Tyner

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