Beastie Floyed Megamix (Parts 1 & 2) - Mixed by DJ Bacon

DJ Bacon mixes are slow cooked. If you're a frequent visitor of this blog, I suspect that's how you like them. Highly Recommended. 
DJ Bacon returns to the production realm with one of the deepest, and most comprehensive mash up projects ever attempted.
Once again he blends the elements of rock and hip-hop, this time using samples from Pink Floyd & Beastie Boys exclusively. This dedication mix is called “Beastie Floyd” and is destined to leave fans of both bands wanting more.
Not only is this a whole album of 7 new remixes, the album is mixed into itself to create a mega-mix album over 20 minutes in length. Most of the 7 Beastie Boys vocals used are laced with a sound bed of multiple Pink Floyd and Beastie Boys sound bites – not just the one groove as per a traditional remix.
As is now standard with a DJ Bacon Mega-mix, Beastie Floyd will have a proper
12-inch vinyl release later this year.
This not for profit release is strictly promotional and educational in nature.
The release will be dropping on his bandcamp page here – early to mid May
Media enquiries:
Previous work
His previous release from 2018 ‘Back in Hell” was praised by the likes of Chuck D
from Public Enemy who played the mix exclusively on his radio show and stated
“Fans of AC/DC and RUN-DMC can not miss this one”.…ell-megamix
The DJ Bacon 2016 mega-mix release “Fear of An OG” was praised by ICE-T on
twitter stating to his 1 million plus followers… “This is the hardest ICE-T /PE mix
I’ve ever heard”…-o-gmegamix
Likewise, his 2015 mega-mix “RUN-BST” gained global acclaim from the likes of
Beat Junkies, Ambrosia for Heads, DMC and DJ lord and many more.

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