The Foundation 10.24.20 (Madlib)

Not sure if anyone is doing anything other than counting votes today, but here's some good tunes to soothe your angst.

In honor of his birthday on October 24, The Foundation pays tribute to Madlib. This is just a taste of his beats, remixes, raps, and samples he's flipped throughout his legendary career. A lot of these have been played before, but I don't care. Just some of my favorites. Many more parts of this Madlib tribute to come. Selections from Stereolab, Madlib, Jaylib, Quasimoto, Yesterday's New Quintet, Medaphoar, Dudley Perkins, Alain Goraguer, Jimmy Scott, John Dankworth, The Professionals, Cortex, Horace Silver, and many more. Enjoy.


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