Goes Back to School (5th Year: 1990) - Mixed by DJ DS


Another Highly Recommended mix from DJ DS. Personally, I think each successive mix in this series is better than the previous.

After a two-month hiatus it’s time to go ‘Back to School’ and to my 5th year, 1990! This was the first half of my final school year and the penultimate mix in this series.

No idea what happened here as these mixes have averaged one hour and twenty minutes. This one clocks in at nearly an hour longer!

This time around, I’m messing more with the original breaks and samples, alongside the usual doubles, samples, movie quotes from that year and all that good stuff!

Thanks again to both of my daughters, DJ Jimmy Green, DJ Repo, Rob Pursey & the legendary Percee P for the vocal drops!

Hope you enjoy! If you do, please favorite, share, re-post and leave me a comment. I'll always reply and will be good to connect with you all.

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daveds75 said...

Thanks again for posting my latest mix and for the kind words. My aim is for each one to try to step up from the last so I'm really stoked that you agree that this is the case!! Thanks again!!