Disjunct Transmission Vol. 56 - Mixed by DiscoK


If you want to know how to get my attention through your mix description, read below. Loving this series! Highly Recommended.

The Disjunct Transmission series is a collection of half-hour megamixes recorded using all vinyl records, two Audio-Technica AT-LP 120 turntables, and a Numark DXM06 mixer. The only exception is that I occasionally layer interview snippets and sound effects culled from video sources.

None of these mixes focus on one genre of music or time period or any other limiting factor, though all are crafted with the haphazard energy of the hip-hop DJ.

Each volume number is arbitrary. They separate each mix from others in the series, but they aren't listed in any meaningful order. There is no correct sequence for listening to these mixes. They are meant to be enjoyed as a vibrant conglomerate of sounds unburdened by any discernible narrative arc. Just get on down.

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