Jailhouse Lawyers Mixtape - Mixed by DJ Ian Head


I really respect where DJ Ian Head is trying to go with his latest mixes. He is trying to use his craft of record knowledge (and mixing them together) to do something a little bit different, and say something. THIS IS WHAT ALL DJs SHOULD BE DOING! Push the boundaries and do something a little bit different. Highly Recommended.

Last month the latest edition of the Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook was released by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyer's Guild. Anyone in prison can write to either organization for a free copy, and family and friends can view and download copies at jailhouselaw.org. As part of the release, award-winning journalist and jailhouse lawyer Mumia Abu-Jamal recorded a segment on Prison Radio (prisonradio.org) regarding the critically important work of Jailhouse Lawyers. The Center for Constitutional Rights, where I work, also recorded a podcast featuring JLH co-editor and senior staff attorney Chinyere Ezie discussing the latest edition of the handbook. You can listen to that full podcast here: ccrjustice.org/activist-files

Also in the past month, the legend Brian Jackson released his new album with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge on their label Jazz is Dead. It's an incredible piece of music and I recommend everyone purchase it! You can grab a copy here: thebrianjackson.bandcamp.com/album/bria…son-jid008

I decided it might be fun to throw together a quick mix of parts of Brian Jackson's new album beneath the important words of Mumia and my colleague Chinyere. It's a short mix, just around 15 minutes long, but hope everyone takes a moment to listen. Jailhouse Lawyer's are doing unbelievable legal and advocacy work from inside prison walls that is often unheard and unappreciated on the outside.

Many thanks to all who appear on this mix!

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