Youtube Tuesday: Camp Lo "Luchini (This is it)"

Early 90's rap videos were the best. What these videos lacked in budget, they more than made-up for in creativity. I still remember seeing the Luchini video for the first time. It was about 1am on a Friday night (1995) and I clicked over to Yo! MTV Raps and I saw this video of these two dudes rapping in some seedy coffee shop. The more I watched the more I was mesmerized by Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede's seamless back and forth flow. This video epitomizes NYC grime and everything that I love about Hip Hop. You literally feel the grit of the video coming through your screen. Camp Lo never gets, and never got the props that they deserved. If you've never seen the video before, I hope you enjoy. If you have, I hope the flashback to 1995 takes you to a better time.

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