Roller Boogie 80's - Mixed by Kenny Dope

It's Labor Day Weekend and your favorite blogger refuses to take a day off. So strap on your roller skates and enjoy the Dopeman at work.

Roller Boogie 80's - Mixed by Kenny Dope (download)

All Night Long-Mary Jane Girls
Don't Look Any Further-Dennis Edwards
Heartbeat-Taana Gardner
Funky Sensation-Gwen McRae
I Want To Thank You-Alicia Myers
Just A Touch of Love-Slave
Watching You-Slave
Inside Out-Odyssey
Walking into Sunshine-Central Line
Mama Used To Say-Junior
Over Like A Fat Rat-Fonda Rae
Come Let Me Love You-Janet Lady Day
I Like What You Doin' To Me-Young & Co.
Rock Your World-Weeks & Co.
Search To Find The One-Unlimited Touch
I'll Do Anything-Denroy Morgan
I Hear Music In the Streets-Unlimited Touch
A Little Bit Of Jazz-Nick Striker


Olskool4real said...

Thanks I listened to a little of this a while ago and I like it man!!Some sh** for the cook out!! That's all my cookouts consist of now is old school soul funk rnb and hip hop!! Kenny Dope is puttin it down on here adding the right flavor!!!

pipomixes said...

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks roller boogie and cook outs go hand in hand.

Glad you enjoyed

Olskool4real said...

You're right a lot of that was played at the roller skating rinks back in the day!!!

Anonymous said...

wehhh this one is dead :'( as is the paul nice breaks for days mix. zshare wont load it.

pipomixes said...

link is back up, just zshare doing its thing

Anonymous said...

yeah the link works but the file wont play or download. this seems to be the problem with a lot of old uploads. zshare cleanin up or something? thnx for checkin it though!

Unknown said...

you made my weekend!