Freestyle Flavor - Mixed by DJ Cash Money

Since the time was set back by an hour today, I thought it would be appropriate to go back to a time when deejays like Cash Money ruled the radio waves.

Freestyle Flavor - Mixed by DJ Cash Money (download)


RLFM said...

nice choice pipo, i was reccomended by plain ole bill and found this site very resourceful

RLFM said...

over the past month. i forgot to say that.

Olskool4real said...

Great sh**t man!!You know that!! i have this already as well nice piece by the great one I always wished he would kill his mixtapes like I know he can!! He is more into his party DJ acts on these mixtapes!! To think I watched these cats grow as local DJ's and boy did they tear it up, I mean Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff!!

pipomixes said...

glad you all are enjoying the mix.


Must be nice to have seen these guys growing up. Even though these cats will never make Jay-z money, it's nice to see that they can make a nice living touring the world performing their craft