Video: Dilla Tribute Set in Somebody's Crib?

I can't watch this video without chuckling. Just a thought, couldn't one of these guys have invited a girlfriend or something to this tribute set?



Jason @ PSB said...

Wow. Is he actually mixing records without a computer? ... that's the first thought that came to mind.

pipomixes said...

good point. There's just something about reaching for records instead of scrolling with your mouse that seems more organic.

BTW, Your boys are in poll position now that UT lost.

Jason @ PSB said...

Yeah, but we get to play Tech in two weeks, and then end the "regular" Big 12 season the following week at Oklahoma State. If we can sweep the next three, we have a chance at the Big 12 title game... I'm thinking Mizzou or Kansas in the north.

Did you see the Sooners dropped in the polls despite a 62-28 win?

As for records, yeah, I'm old school, Serato is cool, but it's just not the same. From digging in the crates, to downloading the crates.

pipomixes said...

If the sooners win-out they'll be in the BCS championship game. At least they control their destiny. Unlike my Trojans, because the pac10 is so weak this year there is really nothing that they can do to improve their position.